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Department of Commerce

About the Department

Department of commerce started was 2017 with 05 students 12 faculty members totally 2 batch students out gone from various academic years with 100% results and number of webminar national seminars FDPS programs conducted with various college students has to be participated and faculty members give a appreciated our department various renowned professor delights as to be given various impactable delivered lectures. The following topics are upcoming events; India to words ten trillion economy by 2030 an insight. Now currently 150 students studied with high impactable knowledge with trade and business (Commerce UG,PG) 6 faculty members to enlighting students. Now department visited various places, MNCS organizations, industry from various cities, SIPCOT. In our department various visiting professors, Guest lecturers, industrial analysist are coming monthly twice to teach practical knowledge related office layout, organization functions, administration work incurred scenario still that department as to be grownup to enlighting, upgrade management skills digitalization modern day commerce with help of most respected department head Mr.Barathan M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant professor of commerce his specialization is advanced finance & accounts; Advanced corporate accounting, management accounting, cost accounting.

Faculty members;

Mr.D.Deenakumar M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D his specialization is green HRM, block chain technology,digital banking,advanced corporate accounting.
Mr.Selvam MA., M.Phil., SET his teaching express more than years from the economic community is specialization. Indian economy and Global economy.
Mrs. S.Bharathi M.Com., M.Phil., with years of teaching experience various colleges her specialization management accounting resource management,Advanced research ethics,office management, secretarial practice.
Mr,V.Lokeshkumar.,M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., his specialization is business management,income tax practice & law,Digital banking and logistics management.