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About the Department

Department of mathematics has been engaged in opening up the fascinating world of mathematics to students since 2017. The Department offers B.Sc. program. The areas of expertise of our faculty they participate in training and development program which keep them up to-date.


The undergraduate mathematics program is angered in the historic development of the field, establishing its connection to science and technology. The technical background of the course has heart of the program. Consists of fundamental courses in the main areas of mathematics together with a variety of specialized, elective courses. It is complemented by supportive courses from other departments, in addition to the university's general education requirements.


*Graduates will have successful careers in mathematics field or will be able to successfully pursue higher studies.
*Graduates will apply their technical knowledge and skills to development and implement solutions for the problems that accomplish goals to the industry, academic, government.
*Contribute effectively to their mathematical profession by fostering effective iteration, ethical practices and communication skills, while pursuing education through lifelong learning.


*Highly qualified and experienced faculty
*Eco-Friendly campus
*Regular classes and continues evolution Remedial classes for weak students special guidance to advanced learners
*Regular tests to help the students prepare for their final university Examinations
*Regular intimation of attendance status Intra-college and Inter-college competitions


Classroom, Language lab


* Advanced Computer Lab

1. Mr. S. PRAKASH M.Sc,M.Phill,B.Ed.,SET,TET HOD
2. Mr. T. LOGANATHAN M.SC,M.Phill,B.ED., Argot Professor.